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What does a Private Investigator do?

Detectives or private investigator in Toronto work independently or autonomously, cooperating with state security forces. In this sense, they provide their services to the people who hire them and their work lies in conducting investigations of missing persons, background checks and searching for information related to a legal, financial or criminal case. In principle, these professionals are not legally authorized to carry out the different tasks of a Police Officer, such as arresting individuals or executing arrest warrants; however, they do have the power to carry a firearm as long as they have the necessary permits. Also, they are required to share their findings with their clients or testify before a judge if necessary.

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Principal functions of a Private Investigator:

Next, the most common functions of a private investigator in Toronto are as follows:

Interview people to gather information:

  • Follow up on the individuals involved with an investigation.
  • Conduct interviews to gather relevant information.
  • Prepare reports on the findings found.

Search information:

  • Review legal or financial records.
  • Find information to be investigated.
  • Verify the truthfulness and the source of the information found.
  • Collect evidence.

Perform surveillance work:

  • Follow the suspects of a crime or individuals of importance for an investigation.
  • Develop a detailed logbook including the location and activities carried out by the individuals under investigation.
  • Report findings to your customers.
  • Investigate computer crimes, kidnappings,
  • Disappearances, homicides, suspicious activities, thefts, and robberies.

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Work together with officers of the security forces:

  • Share the research results.
  • Interview suspects who have been arrested or arrested.
  • Assist in the investigation.

Meet with clients to present the research progress:

  • Keep customers informed about the progress of the investigation.
  • Ask for details to investigate the investigation.

Perform undercover investigation:

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  • Evaluate the performance or level of honesty of the employees of a company by posing as a self or a client.
  • To apprehend the suspects of a crime and deliver them to the corresponding authorities.

Present the results of the investigation as evidence and testify when necessary:

  • Transcribe the interviews conducted.
  • Organize the evidence for presentation at trial.

Daily tasks of a Private Investigator:

  • Interview people to gather information about a case.
  • Find details related to a case.
  • Perform surveillance duties.
  • Work undercover to gather information.
  • Collect the evidence to be presented at trial.
  • Investigate crimes.
  • Dealing with legal documents and court subpoenas.
  • Investigate the background of an individual.

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Private Investigators or Detectives work independently or for an agency specialized in providing surveillance, investigation and protection services. In principle, the requirements to perform in this office are not unified; however, candidates with training in Police Science, Criminology, Criminalistics, Public Order or other related careers are preferred. Likewise, some companies and clients prefer people with previous experience in some state security body, since it guarantees their research capacity.

Those who choose to work independently or autonomously usually have previous experience in the State security forces; however, in addition to such expertise, they require the necessary skills to manage their own business, find customers and promote their work. A private investigator in Toronto must be familiar with the legal context and the legislation applicable to his work.

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