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Nearly all Calgary home purchases involve a home inspection. This is typically a requirement of the mortgage lender, and it is standard practice for home buyers to have a Calgary home inspection service walk through the property to make sure their dream home isn’t hiding a nightmarish number of repairs underneath the beautiful staging.However, there are other reasons to hire a home inspection Calgary licensed service.

Seller Repairs

A home inspection of a property should result in a list of repairs that are necessary and

defects that detract from the value of the home. Too many home sellers seek the services

of the lowest bidding contractor to make the repairs called for per the inspection

checklist, while a few seek to make the repairs themselves to save money. Pay for second

Calgary home inspections to verify that the seller repairs meet code before you close on

the property.

New Home Construction

You are touring a brand new home in a popular growing subdivision. The home has never

been lived in. Yet it still needs a home inspection. You want to do this to verify the

quality of the work and materials that went into the home. Don’t rely on a local

inspection done while the house was under construction; that only verifies that it meets

code, and it may not catch shortcuts in construction that threaten the property long term.

Calgary home inspections of new homes ensure that your dream custom home meets your

expectations as well.

Rehabs and Foreclosures

You want to bring in a Calgary home inspector to review the work done by a DIY

enthusiast, especially if it is a rehabbed home repaired and fixed up by an amateur to

“flip” or sell at a profit.

Home inspections are essential if you are buying a foreclosed home, whether it was

vacant for a long time or not. Does the home have substantial water damage because the

sump pumps were turned off and gutters overflowed into the basement? Does the home

have signs of past or present pests, such as termites or rats?

Foreclosures lived in up until recently need to be careful checked as well. If the prior

resident was evicted, there may be obvious damaged like holes in the drywall, cutting

cables or taking the marble countertops with them. Or they may have done subtle things

intended to annoy the bank but would make your life difficult instead. In any case, you

need a thorough home inspection done after the prior residents move out before you close

on the home so that you know what you are getting.

Before You Inherit the House

When a relative dies, there may be a fight in the family as to who should get the house.

Arranging an appraisal is typical when determining its value for probate. What many

overlook is the need for a home inspection. After all, Grandma’s house may carry all

those memories and a hefty repair bill for whomever chooses to inherit and live in it.

Do It Yourself Projects

You need to hire a home inspector when a family member has gone beyond redecorating

a room to ripping out walls, rewiring electrical outlets and potentially damaging the home

structurally in the process. Let a home inspector verify that the electrical, structural and

plumbing changes are both safe and up to code. Calgary home inspections will ensure

that your do it yourself job doesn’t cost you your ability to sell the home later.